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The future of training

Well you may have heard of some professionals, that it will take endless years to have the dream body you always wanted.
They are completely right in some way – it takes several years to get out what works for your body and what doesn’t work.
It’s not that your body would need years of training. You will need several years of experience.
Developing your dream body needs between 6 and 24 months of time – but to learn what your body really needs and all the background knowledge needs several years.
In fact I took me 13 years of learning before I got the breakthrough in knowledge to develop the muscle mass I always wanted.
After this it took only 5 months till I reached my aim.
But again, I could give you this 5 months program, but you couldn’t expect that it would work the same way for you.
You will need your own program, not mine.
And this was my problem, when I wanted to give away my experience about training 6 years ago. Less than 10% of all people reacted the same way like I did to my 5 month program. The 3 week cycle you will get with my training course works for over 90% of all people – but the 5 month cycle only works for less than 10% of all people.
But this is not my way to go!

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