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The future of training

If not you are a lucky man – but what was your reason for reading this book? You should already have your dream body and it was a “child’s game” for you!
In fact everyone has the same problems when it comes to gaining muscle mass.
One has more problems – one has less problems – but nobody goes to the gym and leaves it after a few months of training with his dream body.
Probably you have seen some fancy success stories before, where people claim they have gained an enormous amount of muscle mass in a short period of time.
Why did that happen?
They tried out for years to gain muscle mass and found out something that worked for them like crazy.
But if it worked for THEM, that doesn’t mean it will work for YOU. Again it’s the same problem.
Shortcut solutions like body type training or hardgainer training don’t work for real. It’s not that simple. You must collect data of all your body reactions to specific workouts and you are on your way to find the perfect workout plan that works just for YOU.
The workout plan that probably puts on 60lbs of muscle mass on your body within the next 12 months.
But how to find this perfect training plan just for you?

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