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X-Adaptation Muscle Building

Chapter 1: The reason why I wrote this book

Chapter 2: Training Introduction

Chapter 3: The reality at the gym

Chapter 4: Volume training

Chapter 5: HIT Basis

Chapter 6: HIT background

Chapter 7: HIT or volume – which is the right one?

Chapter 8: Looking for the truth

Chapter 9: Evaluation of the experiences

Chapter 10: Muscle fibres – the construction

Chapter 11: Muscle fibres – the operation

Chapter 12: Muscle fibres – science’s position

Chapter 13: Single tests

Chapter 14: Repetitions

Chapter 15: Hypertrophy

Chapter 16: The conversion into volume and HIT

Chapter 17: Composition of the jigsaw puzzle

Chapter 18: Super compensation

Chapter 19: Application of the super-compensation model

Chapter 20: Diet

Chapter 21: X-Adaptation – a breakthrough

Chapter 22: How does it look like in practice?

Chapter 23: X-Adaptation test

Chapter 24: X-Adaptation training

Chapter 25: The future of training




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