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X-Adaptation training

Pec Deck (aka Butterflies) (maximum set)
I never believed my pecs could look this big. I will use 210 pounds. Wow - 9 reps - that's quite good. But no time to rest - I drop the weight and start the next set.
Pec Deck (minimum set)
150 pounds should work. My chest burns, but it is a good feeling. 5 reps - more isn't possible. Oh man - I almost forget about the 15 seconds to hold at peak contraction.
Pulley Pushdowns (maximum set)
170 lbs - a good weight. My triceps are already pumped up. Hey - only 6 reps - I'm really happy that I'm at the last set.
Pulley Pushdowns (minimum set)
I will use 120 pounds. Feels really light. But wait - only the 4th rep and my triceps burn like hell. Two more reps and I am finished. 15 seconds to hold the weight - That's all.
Now I am finished. I can't believe what the mirror reflects - is that really me??? I've never discovered a pump like this before.I never looked like this - and it only took me slightly over 20 minutes. It's time for a high carbohydrate drink. It feels like my muscles have already started growing.
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